Affiliate Program

Help your agents while building a recurring revenue stream.

The InTouch Affiliate program is available for instructors, coaches and managers who are in a position to recommend products to real estate agents. Earn commisions on the renewals for each membership you sign up.

Signing up 10 new customers each month would be worth over $10,000 per year after the first year.

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Attend the next live webinar or watch the webcast explaining how some of our affiliates achieve success.

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InTouch Affiliate Projection
  Monthly Annual
New subscriptions 144
Churn rate (cancellation rate)  

End of Year Active Subscribers Monthly Income Annual Income
Year 1 130 $2022.00 $24,261.00
Year 2 259 $4044.00 $48,522.00
Year 3 389 $6065.00 $72,783.00
Year 4 518 $8087.00 $97,044.00
Year 5 648 $10,109.00 $121,306.00