Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions we receive, but if you have a question that isn't in our list please contact us and we will do our best to get the answer you're looking for.

InTouch is the automatic contact system for creating top of mind awareness. InTouch provides and leverages content through direct mail and social media– Facebook, Twitter and the agent’s blog.

The content is relevant to all homeowners, current or future. The reader interest is developed based on subjects offering suggestions to build equity, save money, maintenance tips and home enjoyment. While every article won’t have equal interest among the readers, the consistent homeowner theme builds brand identification and top of mind awareness.

  1. The objective is to help people be better homeowners by providing a variety of information by email and social media postings.
  2. It brands the agent as a professional who wants to help people not just when they buy or sell, but all the years in between.   
  3. Each article is personally written by nationally known trainer and 40+ year veteran Pat Zaby who has a broad background in marketing, taxation and investments.
  4. Additional services provided at no extra cost include the Market Multiplier, consumer reports  financial calculators, and drip campaigns.

Setting up InTouch is quick and easy, usually taking about 30 minutes. Once logged in to your account, upload your contacts and their email addresses; authorize InTouch to post to your Facebook, Twitter and blog. The rest is automatic.

The fastest way is to export your contacts from your database to a CSV file (a common file format handled by most contact managers) and import it to InTouch. We will walk you through uploading your contacts using a step-by-step wizard.

You can upload more than one list, and do it at any time; we'll handle the duplicates for you.

If that isn't easy enough, our support department can take control of your computer over the Internet or you can email the list to and we'll help upload them for you.

No, InTouch allows you to put as many contacts in as you have, and unlike other services, we do not charge extra for more messages sent.

We do require that you have a personal relationship with each contact to prevent SPAM; no purchased lists are allowed.

Articles can be automatically emailed to your contacts weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly and you can choose the day of the week they are sent.  We believe that once a month is not enough and once a week is too much.  We recommend bi-weekly.

A link will be posted to Facebook and Twitter to that article and four other interesting articles during the week.

Yes, all articles are completely editable. Each week you will receive the article on Monday for you to read, make changes or delete altogether. You may set the articles to be mailed automatically, or wait and you can edit it before sending. This will allow you to approve and edit the article if you choose. All of this is done from your options.


We will never use, sell, trade or in any other manner distribute your contacts to ANYONE. You can export all of the collected information at any time. The only mail your contacts will ever be sent will be addressed from you.


Memberships can be monthly or annually. You can terminate your membership at any time and your credit card will not be charged at the next renewal date.

 To cancel, you must send an email from the email address of member to

If the your blog can be posted by email, InTouch can be set to post automatically.  Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, and Tumblr allow posting via email.

Otherwise, a simple copy and paste procedure will allow the user to facilitate the postings.


There are hundreds of millions of people on Facebook and very doubtful that your friends will overlap with other agents in your area. Even if you are friends with another agent who uses InTouch, your friends don’t see their posts from your feed.  The other practical issue is that Facebook does not push all of your posts to all of your friends.

InTouch randomizes postings so if the highly unlikely coincidence that one of your friends happen to be friends with another agent who also uses InTouch, they won’t see the same post on the same day.

Yes, the mailings and postings will go out under one partnership or team name with one group photo.  The database will have to be combined. If you want to keep the databases separate, it will require separate memberships to InTouch.


Some InTouch users subscribe simply to supplement their blog postings. Some users consider it a good investment just to have InTouch post to Facebook and Twitter alone.

You can use any or all of the powerful services that InTouch offers. Start by allowing InTouch to post to Facebook and Twitter and then, add contacts that will receive the valuable articles.

A database is a work in progress that is never complete. Import your database in its current condition now and allow InTouch to start working for you automatically.

In the meantime, you can improve your database and import it again to InTouch as many times as you like. InTouch will automatically handle the duplicates and update the others.

You can post on either or both.

If you decide to post on only one, we recommend you post to your personal page. The types of postings will not violate any solicitation rules but will brand you as a real estate professional who wants to help people. You can focus your efforts on either posting very local information or personal news.

No, it does not. The spirit of social media is to help each other and to bring things to the attention of your followers. The nature of the posts that InTouch will make for you will extend your branding efforts and help you maintain top of mind awareness with your followers and friends.


InTouch is platform neutral because it is a web-based product. You will use your Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or others. It can be accessed from a computer, tablet, iPad, or Smartphone with an Internet connection.