TAX - The Information Homeowners Need!

TAX - The Information Homeowners Need!

Real estate has significant tax advantages for homeowners that they need to be familiar with.  Agents who understand and can explain these concepts have a distinct point of difference from many agents who avoid the subject like the plague.  It’s not about giving tax advice; it is helping people to understand enough to know when they need to seek professional counsel.

As always, Pat Zaby will present the material so you can understand and explain it as well as be able to market your services with this better understanding of tax laws as they apply to homeowners.

  • Itemize or Standard Deduction?
  • Four types of real property
  • Principal residence interest deduction
  • What are acquisition costs?
  • What about home equity debt?
  • A question to ask every cash buyer
  • How are points treated?
  • Rules for homeowner’s exclusion
  • Why keep track of capital improvements
  • Surviving spouse provisions for exclusion
  • Basis in an inheritance
  • Basis for gift examples
  • How does this apply to divorce?

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Thursday, April 8, 2021
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