Drop-dead EASY Database

Drop-dead EASY Database

This class will show you the what, why and how of building a sustainable database to make you more productive.  Regardless of how many times before you have started but not finished, following the steps in this session and its worksheets will put you on the road to increased repeat and referral sales.

Your database can sustain your business for an entire career and be sold at the end of it.  It can generate income and reduce expenses.  It is the most valuable business asset you have that will sustain your career and can be sold when you’re ready to retire.


  • Your database is NOT the program you use, it is the contacts’ information inside.
  • The best program for your database is the one you’ll use.
  • Your income equals the number of contacts in your database factored by their top-of-mind-awareness
  • A database reaches critical mass when the repeat & referral business generated adequately supports the agent’s goals & lifestyle.
  • 89% of sellers and 91% of buyers say they’ll use their agent again or recommend them to others but only 35% actually do.
  • 2/3 of sellers and buyers have recommended their agent once since selling and buying their home in the past year and 1/3 have recommended their agent three times or more.
  • Customer Communication is the principal reason to have a database
  • The average homeowner knows 10-12 agents; if you don’t stay in touch, someone else will.
  • Worksheets, Excel spreadsheets and copies of the course slides

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