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Import Contacts to InTouch

This topic will show you how to import contacts into InTouch from a comma separated value, CSV, file which is the fastest way to load contacts. It uses a step-by-step wizard that is easy to follow.

1. Starting from the InTouch Dashboard, click Contacts from the sidebar menu.



2. Click Contact Imports.



3. Click Import CSV File.



4. If you want to categorize these imported contacts for targeted mailing, select as many of your mailing lists as appropriate. Click the Next button.



Tip: Verify that you have not purchased or harvested this list of contacts, that you do have a relationship with the contacts to be imported.

5. Click the I agree that I have a relationship with all the contacts I am about to import. I have not bought, rented, borrowed or harvested this list. field.



6. Click Select File and Upload and browse to the CSV file on your computer to be uploaded.



7. Verify the fields to be imported are selected and mapped to InTouch contact fields.  Press the Finish button.